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Creator of Universe

This is a Digital Painting by Jackson S7R. This is an illustration of Creative God. How the Entire Universe had Created.

Solar Eclipse-Indian Mythology

Solar Eclipse

An Illustration of Solar Eclipse as per Indian Mythology. Raagu a cosmic snakes that catches Sun During Eclipse.

Shakthimaan meets Lord Shiva

Shakthimaan meets Shiva:

Shakthimaan, Who is One of the Most loved and best SuperHero Every 90's Kids Love. This is an Illustration that Shakthimaan meets Lord Shiva to get More Power.

Korean Lady Warior
Korean lady WARRIOR

Fighting Korean Lady:

     Anime Style of animation is loved by most of us in the World.  This is an illustration of Jackson S7R(its me....) a Pretty Korean Lady Ready to Fight..

Oh Wow.!  What a Brave Woman.

I inspired to draw because of my Friend's interest in KOREAN Dramas..

With that thing i used to draw this illustration of a Korean Lady.


Karnan - Mahabharth Intro Scene:

No one can forgot this Mass Intro Scene of Karna in Mahabharth that Telecast in Star Network. This is my stimulation on that Scene.

Healer Baskar, my Digital Painting

Digital Painting of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson,King of Pop. He is my Dance Inspiration.

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