Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Be Creative - Use Mouse if you Don't have Tablet

Hellow, Freinds..Are you a startup digital artist...dont have drawing tablet... Dont worry... Here is the Solution... Dont worry use mouse to paint your digital painting..but its too hard to draw in mouse directly... you have to do something before use mouse to paint your painting.. first of all you have to draw your sketch in white paper.. take a snap shot or take a photo or scan your sketch ..send to your computer... open it into an app what ever you use to draw... trace the sketch lines to draw the outline... here it is the solution... but it is some what time consuming comparing to Tablet.. This is the Best way to use mouse for digital painting.. Thank you.

Jackson S7R | Introduction

Welcome to Jackson S7R's Blog Hello! Everyone, I'm Jackson S7R {SANJEEVIRAYAN}. In this Blog you can Find all of Creations and ...